Catering Equipment Repairs and Servicing

Our catering equipment service engineers are chosen for their ability to repair your professional catering equipment and commercial bar equipment to the highest standards.

All our catering equipment service and repair engineers have a large van stock of catering equipment spare parts allowing them to complete first time fixes on the majority of call outs. They also have upto-date exploded drawings to allow them to identify the correct parts.

We aim to give you a first class service from the point of first contact right up until our catering equipment engineer walks out of your door with the job well done.

After locating the fault on a piece of catering equipment, commercial dishwasher or glasswasher our catering equipment repair engineers will always access a piece of catering equipment for its age and condition before consulting with the customer and explaining to them what parts are requierd before fitting spare parts. This way we can hopefully avoid fitting parts to obsolete catering equipment or uneconomical to repair catering equipment and stop repeat calls to equipment that  in our engineers opinion is going to keep costing you money. Obviously we will fit parts to these items if you wish.

Commercial Dishwasher Repairs

We have specialist commercial dishwasher repair engineers that are familiar with all the major commercial dishwashers. Our commercial dishwasher and warewasher engineers have a large van stock of commercial dishwasher spare parts so a first time repair is normal on your commercial dishwasher.

When booking a service call or repair on your commercial dishwasher, if at all possible could you provide us with the make and model of the commercial dishwasher.  Whilst this is not essential it will help us to ensure we dispatch a service engineer to your commercial dishwasher repair  who has the correct spare parts.

Glasswasher Repairs and Servicing

Again we have specialist commercial glasswasher and dishwasher repair engineers. Our glasswasher repair engineers repair glasswashers in pubs and restaurant bars every day and have built up a great experience and knowledge when it comes to repairing glasswashers.

All our glasswasher repair engineers have a large van stock of glasswasher spare parts allowing them to complete most glasswasher repairs on the first visit.

Glasswasher repairs should ony be made by competent and experienced glasswasher repair engineers and that is why we believe our glasswasher repair engineres are the first choice for any professional restaurant or bar.

Catering Equipment Repairs