Leeds Dexion Glasswasher Repairs

Catering equipment sales and repairs are quickly becoming established as the people to call for Dexion glass washer repairs, service and maintenance in Leeds.

Their service and repair engineers work on Dexion glasswashers regularly and carry spare parts and exploded drawings for most models of Dexion glasswasher in the Leeds area.

Our Leeds based Dexion glasswasher service and repair engineers are always local to Leeds  and so not too far away should you need them for a emergency call out

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Dexion Maintenance In Leeds

We repair and service all Dexion glass washer models old and new in and around Leeds.

Our Leeds engineers are experienced working on the newer Dexion glasswashers such as the Dexion LB041 glass washer, Dexion LB044 glasswasher, Dexion T931 glasswasher, as well as repairing slightly older Dexion glass washer models.

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Dexion Glasswasher Repair Engineers

Our service and repair engineers also provide service contracts for your Dexion glass washer and also preventative maintenance work on all Dexion glasswashers and dishwashers in Leeds and surrounding area.

We can also supply you with any Dexion glasswasher spare parts you may need.

Don't forget we not only repair and service Dexion glasswashers but also Dexion commercial dishwashers in Leeds.

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