Catering Equipment Repairs

Catering equipment sales and repairs not only supply new catering equipment but also repair the full range of commercial professional catering equipment.

From a commercial cooker to a professional dishwasher, we have the repair engineers who will get the job done quickly and efficiantly and at a price that shows just what great value we offer.

Our catering equipment service and repair engineers work in most areas and they repair catering equipment in a variety of commercial professional kitchens.

Our client list includes local authoritys and councils, theme parks, sports clubs, working mens clubs, restaurants and cafes, pub's, clubs, the ministry of defence, schools and hotels. We also carry out work on behalf of some of the major catering equipment manufacturers.

catering equipment repair

Catering equipment repairs

Some examples of the types of catering equipment we repair

> Glasswashers              > Dishwashers             > Fryers

> Ovens                         > Serverys                   > Combi-Ovens

> Griddles                      > Grills                         > Water boilers

> Oven Ranges              > Solid top ovens        > Food Prep

> Chip Scuttles              > Bains Marie              > Plate Warmers

> Hot Cupboards           > Heated Display        > Potato Ovens

> Chargrills                    > Contact Grills           > Panini Grills  

> We repair all types of commercial catering equipment

If your commercial kitchen has any broken catering equipment or needs a service.

Give catering equipment sales and repairs a call on 01132 874448.

Our service and repair engineers don't just repair commercial catering equipment in your commercial kitchen,  but also commercial dishwashers and glasswashers.

professional kitchen catering equipment repairs

repairs to catering equipment, glass washers and professional dishwashers