Amika is maidaid halcyon's economy range of ware washers. Whilst being a cheaper alternative to their branded glasswashers and commercial dishwashers the amika brand is fast becoming established in it's own right as a reliable cost effective brand.

Amika glasswashers

The amika 35XL glasswasher is the smallest amika glasswasher. It as a cycle time of 120 seconds and 350x350 racks. This is the smallest glasswasher in the amika glasswasher range.

The amika 40XL glasswasher comes with a larger rack size of 390x390mm

The amika 45XL glasswasher has la larger rack size again at 450x450mm and as a  cycle time 120 seconds. All the Amika glass washer range are available fitted with a 13amp plug..

With a rack size of 500x500mm the amika 50XL glasswasher is the largest glasswasher in the amika glasswasher range. It can be connected to 13/20/25 amp supplys.

All the Amika range of glass washer are available with a factory fitted drain pump.