Coffee and Espresso Machines

Select your coffee machine or espresso machine from the choice below. All our coffee machines and espresso machines come with a full warranty.

We have single group coffee and espresso machines, two group, three group and four group coffee and espresso machines. There are espresso and coffee machines that use Espresso pots to produce a freshly sealed cup without the mess and waste sometimes caused by using a grinder. We also have coffee machines that have manual fill water tanks for when a permanent water supply is hard to fit.

1st Choice for Commercial Catering Equipment

At catering equipment sales and repairs we want to be your first choice for catering equipment sales and repairs. Every effort is made to give a first class service from initial contact to the purchase of new catering equipment or completion of a catering equipment repair.

We offer you a wide choice of catering equipment, commercial professional dishwashers, glass washers and refrigeration equipment. At the moment we are developing a range of cookware, washroom hygiene and clothing that will gradually become available.

Should you see an item on our site but would like to discus it in more detail please give us a call and we will be happy to give you the benefit of our unbiased experience.
At catering equipment sales and repairs we sell all the top brands and all makes and model of commercial and professional dishwasher and glass washer, commercial cookers, steamers, fryers, ice machines, professional ovens, ware washing machines and display refrigeration

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